Turn Dublin Inside Out

So the first map will show you places of greenery or places that have either benches or steps to sit and eat and drink upon. Click the blue icon and google maps should show you where to go and how long it takes. Please tag us on instagram and twitter and share pictures of yourself or your food or drink and where you got it from and lets get Dublin city centre moving with good times and craic. Get Dublin buzzing. Thank you to Katia from properfood.ie for the map. 


Second map is cool, as we all know, Dublin ain’t great for public toilets. This map is of Ireland and its public toilets, just click the blue flag closest to where you are and it will direct you to your nearest public toilet. Alternatively as a cafe, pub or restaurant to use theirs, if you’re cool and promise not to sue them they will more than likely oblige. 


Map with public toilets is courtesy of the amazing work of pee.ie

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