Covid Information policy

Due to government restrictions the following must be advised.


1. To ensure all customers are aware that they must provide the relevant Proof on arrival that that all over 18s are fully
vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 if they wish to dine indoors and provide photo ID.


2. That under 18s who are accompanied by a parent/guardian in an indoor setting, currently do not require Proof of Immunity.

3. That if any of their group arrive without their verification Proof of Immunity, they will be refused entry to indoor facilities.

4. Face coverings must worn until seated and used again for going to the bathroom or outside with the intended purpose of reopening.

5. Every guest apart from under 18 must give name and phone number, these will be kept in a secure location for 28 days and then will be destroyed. We do not and will not retain your data.


Thank you for your support. We do not want to do this but due to guidelines we have to.


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