BYOB Membership

The challenges that we as a hospitality sector faced in 2020 has brought most of us facing a mountain of debt when things eventually return to normality, since we opened we have always wanted to be a place that offered customers the opportunity to bring your own wine. It is no longer possible for us to do this now. For the first six years of our existence we did not charge corkage and only started to when costs started to spiral and VAT and associated taxes rose to a degree that made us take that decision and we now face a new decision. From January 2021 we will no longer operate freely as a BYOB restaurant. We are however bringing out a membership scheme. Our Membership card costs €50 and allows you to continue to bring your own wine at a reduced corkage of €4 per bottle or pack of beer x 4.  This decision was not taken lightly and was only taken so we could continue to operate and secure our future.

Seán Drugan


We will be selling membership in the restaurant when we re-open on the 6th of July.

The vintage kitchen
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